Looking for no carve pumpkin ideas for kids? This is a collection of the best pumpkin decorating solutions that involve no carving.

1. Glue orange buttons of different sizes and styles on a white pumpkin, add a black ribbon and you got yourself a button pumpkin.

2. Make an adorable leaf pumpkin with sisal rope, large wood beads and foam leaves.

3. Sometimes a Sharpie is all you need to decorate pumpkins. You can use small white real or plastic pumpkins or, if you can’t find white ones, go with orange pumpkins and make sure to paint them white first. Then use your imagination to turn them into cute, spooky or funny sharpie pumpkins.

4. We all love confetti. It’s colorful, joyful, festive. Why not use a bag of confetti to make confetti pumpkins?

5. All you need to decorate a googly eye pumpkin is a pumpkin and a bag of self-adhesive googly eyes of different sizes . You can also try glow in the dark googly eyes or mixed colors googly eyes.

6. Do you have any magazines lying around? Look for eyes, mouth and maybe a nose, cut them out and glue them to create a face pumpkin.

7. Make a mask pumpkin with a mask that you decorate first with pom-poms, feathers and stickers.

8. Dig into your kid’s toy bin for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and turn your pumpkins into Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Heads.

9. No Potato Head? No worries, you can use instead a pair of funny glasses and plastic lips to create a lady and her date pumpkins.

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